KPMG Tower Run 2018

KPMG invited Carpit as an official partner to support the Women’s Aid Organisation with a goal to amass RM25,000 that will be channelled towards aiding traumatised children. 

The event garnered close to 1,000 participants that ran 5 and 10 kilometres and climbed the KPMG Tower located in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. Carpit was on-site to provide our moral support and motivation as well as a Road Safety Package for participants to sign-up using the Carpit app.

The Road Safety Package was designed to make sure cars and tyres are given the proper care for safe driving. This includes doing alignment and balancing for the cars, filling up tyres with sufficient pressure of Nitrogen Gas, doing a full vehicle check and an included car wash.

We gave more emphasis to women to correlate with the team but men were welcome too! A nearby tyre shop offered to provide good discounts in support of this activity and we would like to give our appreciation to Point S – SS2 for their support.