Guide to using Carpit

Want to buy a new set of tyres? Or sending your car for tyre balancing and alignment before your long road trip? Carpit offers you the options to find tyre shops that caters the services that you need.

Carpit is designed to make tyre servicing easy, convenient and transparent. So you can see the prices offered by workshops around you without having to call them or visit door to door. 

You can download the Carpit App from the links below:

iOS and Android

Place an order on Carpit with just 3 simple steps :-

Step 1:

Browse and select the tyre shop based on reviews, ratings and their listed price.

Step 2:

Select the tyres and services you require for your car and specify the location that you would like the car to be picked up.

Or you choose to drive to the tyre shop yourself, just put in any location and a note to the tyre shop that you are driving to their tyre shop.

Step 3:

Tap ‘Submit Request’ and you will get a confirmation from the tyre shop within 1-2 hours as the tyre shop checks for availability of inventory and schedule.

Once your service is complete, payment is made on the app for your assurance.

A service completion email will be sent to you and the tyre shop will return your car. As a last step, remember to leave a review for the tyre shop!