5 Tips for a Jolly Safe Drive

1. Keeping a safe distance gives you time to think and respond. Should you slow down, check your mirror and switch lanes or should you slow down and warn drivers behind by tapping your brakes like a red blinking Christmas Tree? 
2. You don’t need binoculars but try to see 100-200 metres ahead. This trick can give you and your passengers a smoother, more comfortable and safer drive. Saves you fuel as well! If you see Santa Claus, it’s already too late to pass him your Christmas Wishlist so just honk and say hi. 
3. Education and preparation is key for safety. If you are spinning out of control, release the accelerator without braking, fixate your sight to the path you want to go,  steer towards the direction you want to go and pray . very . hard.
Read up, watch some videos and educate yourself over this holiday because knowledge saves lives.
4. Whatsapp messages can wait, urgent calls can be answered using handsfree and keep it minimal. Distractions are your worst enemy because every second you look at your phone, you are driving 28 metres blindly. (That’s twice the width of Jho Low’s yacht, for real.)
5. Finally and the most importantly, make sure your car is in safe driving condition. Responsible tyre shops on Carpit will check your car for free when you send it in for a tyre change or alignment. Place your service now and get RM50 off only during this month.