5 Signs That Tell It’s Time For A Tyre Change

  1. Most tyre manufacturers recommend that remaining tread should not go below 3mm.
Image result for tyre worn 3mm

2. Tread Wear Indicators on tyres are bars between treads that begin to appear as the tread wears down.

Image result for tyre tread 3mm

3. Crack lines on tyre sidewall are signs the rubber is weakening and will develop into a leak or worse, a blow out.

Image result for tyre sidewall cracking

4. Bulges and blisters on the sidewall are ticking time bombs which can cause sudden blowouts.

Image result for tyre bulging

5. Too much vibration felt throughout the car and the steering wheel could mean your tyres are worn unevenly caused by sudden braking or tyre balance problems.

Image result for tyre bald spot

If you noticed any one of the 5 signs above, it is definitely time to change your tyres. Not sure which tyre shop to trust? Use Carpit to find trusted tyre shops to take care of your car and tyres!

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